Finding the Right Dentist in Rocklin

Rocklin is home to hundreds of dentists. Thus, where should you begin your search to find the most suitable dentist for you?

Speak to Your Family and Friends

Among the best ways to find a dentist is by word of mouth. Having family and friends refer you to a new dentist is a great beginning.

Even if the referred dentist isn't currently accepting new patients, friends and family may have some insight on what they look for in a good dentist. Ask them to give you a pro/con list for your search.

Despite word of mouth being an easy start for your dentist search, it can limit your results, mainly if your circle of friends and family contains only a few people.

Visit Your Dental Insurance Website

If you have dental insurance, make use of the tools available on the carrier's website. The insurance website can provide you with an in-network list of dentists nearby. This search option will save you time and eliminate any out-of-network dentists.

Surf the Internet

You can search the Internet for dentists with a greater range of options than if only you speak to your family, friends, or insurance company. Although the Internet can seem overwhelming, you should look into professional directories like this one. These directories will help you narrow your search by categorizing different types of dentists.

There are two options for professional directories: national, where you can filter by city, and state, where you start in your town or city. These directories can contain more detail than your insurance website. This additional detail includes enhanced media (like photos and videos), weblinks (like their business website), and licensing information.

Use these details to understand better the dentist, the practice, and the available services. Mix this with reviews left online, and you can create a better overall vision of the dentist and practice.

Confirm Dental Licensing Information

You will want to verify the licensing status of everyone on your potential dentist list. Use the license number found on the professional directory or the dentist's name to search the Dental Board of California website.

Your search results will confirm if the dentist has an active license and if there are any current or previous cases against them.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Visit the Dental Office

A relaxed, one-on-one dental office may appeal more to you than one that has a fast-paced environment. You should have a shortlist of options by this point. Next, contact each dental practice to set up a consultation. If their hours of operation aren't compatible, scheduling appointments can become problematic. This aspect should be taken into account.

Evaluate the staff's kindness, the equipment's condition, and the office's sanitation during your visit. Watch other patients. Are they relaxed as they wait? This in-person consultation will help you determine if the dentist and the practice closely match your needs.

Thoughts About the Dentist

Like other doctors, take the time to research your options thoroughly. You're more likely to continue regular visits if you can answer yes to the below questions.

  • Does the dentist appear educated?
  • Does the dentist appear confident?
  • Does the dentist welcome your questions and comments?
  • Does the dentist attend to your needs?

After all the research, make sure to ask about dental care and costs before making your final decision.

Remember, your general well-being depends on good dental health, so choose the most suitable dentists from the start.

Good luck!

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